Tutorial Series Introduction

Hello Again!

It has been a little bit since I have posted, and I apologize, but it has been mainly because of working full time while also going to school full time. However, I have been learning and working on things that I look to share on here. As a disclaimer, I am just a student who is very much still learning, but I am working at building a portfolio while furthering my learning. So, I am going to begin a series based around teaching different aspects of game design. These tutorials and discussions will range from a broad range of topics and, hopefully, be easily understandable such that those following along will be able to add or modify onto what is discussed.

Tutorials? But Why?

Recently I have been getting very much into Unreal Engine. Although I have used Unity for a couple of years, Unreal Engine has clicked a lot more for me. With this being the case, I am still very much a novice in Unreal Engine, but one of the best ways to learn is to teach. Since that is the case, I will attempt to strengthen my own knowledge by making these tutorial posts. Also, I need to find ways to keep myself writing for the blog.

What’s the Point?

The overall goal for doing this is to not only further my understanding of concepts when it comes to games but also to try and provide descriptions that make sense to beginners such as myself. Additionally, this will be a great outlet to reinforce the lessons I have learned myself. Much like other people who do tutorials on anything, I am going to talk about some of the basics and then build upon them. I believe this strategy is effective because designing anything is based around basic systems working together.

For example, procedural generation is used in a lot of different games now. Although the concept itself isn’t hard to grasp, if you aren’t sure about how the basic pieces fit together, then it can be a little tough to develop your own system. Game design is a lovely thing, as is anything creative, so people deserve to have easy access to resources that can make it easier to create. I’ll start with some of the pitfalls that I have fallen into as I stumble about learning how to make games and some of the things I have noticed from my peers as well. Hopefully, I will be able to offer some solutions or advice on working through these.

Thank you for reading and supporting my work! Feel free to comment below any suggestions for tutorials and I will see you on the next post! Have a great day.

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