Hello! My name is Tyler Fields and I am an all around nerd who likes to create things. Whether it be writing, making dice or making assets for video games, I enjoy doing a little bit of everything. Currently, I am in college full time as well as a manager for where I work when I am not at school. The little bit of time I have outside of work and school, I tend to play video games, write, make things, watch YouTube or any number of other things that make me happy. I also very much enjoy puns, thus why the title of this blog is a play off of my last name.

I have attempted to do the blog thing before, but with little success. I tend to get overwhelmed by all my other responsibilities that I can’t keep motivation for finding time to do more work. But I want to try and change this by using my time the best that I can and hopefully use that to carve my own niche and create more as a career instead of just for fun.

This blog is going to be focused on doing reviews of games, sharing my writing, and other things I create that tend to make me fields good. I’ll be posting soon and hopefully consistently as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this and welcome to the start of something new! I look forward to sharing and creating new things for you to enjoy.

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